Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Game Board Reproduction

 A little fun in the shop reproducing a game board my cousin brought over one night to play after dinner. I had not seen this game before but had a great time playing it. The horses are numbered 2 through 12 to correspond with the dots on the pair of dice used in the game. 7 is in the middle slot, 2 and 12 on the ends. This relates to the odds on the crap table by the way, given the number of combinations it takes for a 7 and the 2 and 12. Object of the game is to be the last one with with chips or coins remaining after a horse has "won" the race. Cards are flipped to move the horses forward by the number of squares corresponding to the value of the card. Winner gets the pot at the end of the race.
 The overall size is 12" x 15 1/2", top and bottom panels are oak veneer plywood finished with a clear poly coat. Lettering came from the scrap booking section at a craft store and the other designs were added with felt tip markers. Each horse has a number applied to each side. The original game was produced in a far away land of unknown wood species, I was thinking I could do better.

Inside of the game board with felt applied to panel prior to gluing the top on the cherry frame.
Bottom view of top panel showing game piece supports

Each horse is glued into a slotted guide
The patterns for the game are shown above. I used various woods for the horses, some cherry, oak, cocobolo, and other wood pieces from my pen blank box, I cut the shapes out on my scroll saw. Each piece is poly coated and waxed.

Fun project to build, now on to bigger things in the new shop.

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