Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shop Is Ready

My wife and daughter bought this sign for me, it's on the door to the  basement area. I carved that little guy years ago .

Well, it has been a busy few weeks since my last post but the shop is at the point where the tools both hand and power are back in a place where they can be found, and more importantly used. 
Overall view walking into the shop area
I had finished two of the walls with bead board plywood and thought I would stop there but after looking at it, I decided to remove the blanket insulation on the two concrete walls.
Removing blanket insulation

Replaced the blanket insulation and replaced it with the rigid panel insulation, added fir strips to attach the panels. The outlet/wire mold went in earlier and the lights now operate on a switch at the bottom the the stairs. Two circuits were added by way of a sub panel in another area of the basement. (Thanks Cuz)

Fir strips and rigid panal insulation
Another view during construction
Turning area, chair patterns, etc
Carving bench & clamp storage 
Carving on the wall above the bench
Overall I am pretty happy with the outcome, what you don't see is utility tube I added on the backside of the wall where the lathe sits. There was plumbing in this area for a roughed in bath, and given we have 3 already, this worked out to be a great area to add the tub (evidently builders don't add those anymore). The other added benefit to that area is gives me a lot of area to store wood and other suppliers. Even with the one window, there is plenty of light. As mentioned in an earlier post, the first big project is building the new workbench. The dust collector is on order but the shop vac is working as a back-up for now. I haven't decided on the ceiling yet, maybe later, we'll see. 


  1. Looks great! Youre gonna enjoy that. Leave the joists like they are...you can store all kinds of stuff up there like moulding and stuff.

  2. Thanks Wallis and good point about the ceiling.

  3. Rick...nice job. It must feel really good to have this piece of heaven restored and ready for use! I am anxious to see what comes out of it. Nice posters too! Congratulations!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Ken. Turned out because of the storage on the other side, I have more room than in the other shop. Looking forward to getting the bench project started. Hope you are getting caught up on the carving.