Saturday, April 10, 2010

Walnut Quilt Rack

Quilt rack 31"x29"x10"
Catching up on postings, I have a number of projects going and that has kept me away from the computer, that and it is warming up here, so the golf clubs are getting more attention that the L-N #4.
This quilt stand is made of walnut and ash and is 31"w x 29"h and 10" deep. I turned the 7/8" rods from ash I had on hand.
The rods and stretcher are wedged through tenons and those were all cut by hand.
Applied quilt block design
The applied quilt block design is made up from a number of different exotic woods (actually some pen blanks).

The finish is my standard General Finishes semi-gloss and I topped it off with a coat of Mylands wax. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quite an Honor...and a surprise

Checked my email this morning and opened the latest Fine Woodworking e-letter and saw my rather modest shop called out as the Shop Of The Week. There are some pretty kick-butt shops posted there, so it is a honor to be considered one of the best. Just had to share the news. 

Shop gallery
Shop of the week

We've had a bunch of great photos and videos posted in our new shop tour gallery, some of which approach the status of dream shop. But we're kind of partial to this stand-alone shop in West Tennessee.see more shops