Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finished Sack Back Windsor

This is the Sack Back Windsor chair I made during my week long class at the Windsor Institute in late July. You can read about my experience in a previous blog posting. I chose the traditional milk paint finish and the color is a deep Windsor Green. Once the paint was dry, I finished it with danish oil to give it a nice sheen.

chair sanded and ready for the milk paint
Another view


  1. Rick...the kids table and chair set and the Windsor are really really sharp looking. Did anyone ever tell you that you do good work? My shop is still in chaos from the move but your pictures give me good motivation to go out there and conquer the mess. WELL DONE!

    Ken S

  2. Thanks Ken - all of these projets were a pleasure to build. The jewelry box presented more of a challange than expected.

  3. Thank You Dan. I really enjoyed taking this class and building and finishing the chair. I am getting all the tools necessary together to continue on with the Windsor chair. Good to hear from you hope you and the family had a great Thanksgiving.