Saturday, October 15, 2011

You're Getting to be a Habit with Me....

A couple of recent tool purchases have changed the way I do work, and as the song goes, you're getting to be a habit with me. I first received the Evenfall Studios Shooting Board a month or so ago and other than just trying it out, I really didn't have a project that would require it's use. While working on the project you see below, I bought Capt. America, a beautiful 16" tenon saw made  Bad Axe Tool Works at the WIA this year, used it cut tenons of course, but also to x-cut the frame pieces. This is where things changed for me, an epiphany of sorts.

Though I have tried in the past to make my own shooting board, I never could quite get it right, some things are best left to the professionals. I have always made my x-cuts on my table saw thinking the blade was square, it is close, but not close enough. I used my #3 Stanley souped up with a Hock blade, and it squared up the ends of each piece perfectly. Works great, I have also used my low angle block plane on this board.

The project is three tables for a client's sewing room, I have delivered one, working on the second, and one more of these to build. It is now almost second nature to reach for the saw, instead of the table saw, cut the piece, square it up, move on. One step closer to going "cordless". :)

Evenfall Studios Deluxe Shooting Board and the Capt. America
16" Tenon Saw from Bad Axe Tool Works

Bottom frame drawer support 

Sewing table 42x30x36 - One of two

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  1. Don't you just love the freedom that hand tools give you? No more schlepping a heavy board over a table saw for a simple crosscut. Gotta love it.