Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bench Build...Doors and Drawers....

 After a commission job, and a very nice trip to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, I completed the next major step in the bench build, adding the doors and drawers. 

The doors are 1" poplar and are attached with the hinges supplied in the hardware pack from Benchcrafted, the knobs are cherry as is the door latch on the side door. I still need to make two more.

The half blind dovetails on the drawers are hand cut, I used pine for the drawer sides and back, the big reason was I ran out of poplar for the drawers, and I had the pine on hand from a previous job.

Happy with the results of the dovetails, the more I cut the better they look (to me anyway) and this step was one of the more enjoyable parts of this phase of construction.

Next step. Front Leg Vise construction and installation, final fit, and finish, of the drawers and doors, and painting the cabinet in a yet to be determined color of Milk Paint.


  1. That's looking fantastic! Gonna be a fine looking bench. Looking forward to your progress. I've always been fond of the Shaker style of furniture. Made the trip to Pleasant Hill about 3 years ago and enjoyed it very much.

  2. Thanks Jamie. Once the golf courses close around here, things will speed up a little :)

  3. Looks good, Rick! Did you ever get to check out the sawmill in Shelby Co. I was telling you about? They've got tons of poplar, cherry, red and white oak, hickory, coffee tree. I got some nice maple for $2.10/bf for a bench top.

  4. Thanks Mark. You sent the information and I have their site bookmarked but haven't been there yet. I bought 60 bd ft of 8/4 hard maple and had my guy in St. Leon, IN run it hrough his planer vs me wrestling it through mine.mwasnt sure if the mill in Bagdad has that capability. More updates coming soon.