Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saw Bench

Catching up on posts after spending time in the shop, and figuring out how to D/L photos on this new iMac, I wanted to share my version of the saw bench on Dan's workshop. 48" long, 15" wide, and 19" high, I added an additional feature of the bench hold fast hole. I had to add a thicker block underneath for a better grip, works great. Thought a lot about the overall length and settled on 48" based on space in the shop and the typical sized rough boards I cut. Made from scraps found around the shop.

A Good Days Work..

Prior to leaving for a trip back home to visit family, I glued up 2 chairs and  finished getting the remaining parts cut, edged, tenoned, and mortises cut, to assemble the remaining 4 of 6 chairs for my son's eat in kitchen table. These chairs are being built using poplar and I am going to try General Finishes Milk Paint (Black) with coats of their High Performance top coat. I had the opportunity to meet a factory rep at a recent woodworking shop open house and he recommended milk paint over the GF Black stain I had been using for my son's furniture. These chairs will replace the one's that came with the set produced in some overseas country of wood that I can't figure out what it is. I have repaired two chairs for them on recent trips, I believe these will last a while. Intended to be a Christmas present, I think I will have them done in time. I will of course post the finished product.