Sunday, November 13, 2011

Table Saw Finds A New Home

Along with the jointer, the table saw has now found a good home and I have no intentions of replacing it. As I continue to change my work habits, I found I can do everything I need to do with my 14" band saw and my array of hand saws. I have started building another saw bench using this method and I am really enjoying it. Along with the table saw, the buyer also purchased my workbench. It was a fine work bench patterned after the Essential Workbench plans in FWW a few years back. It was big, and very heavy. Since we decided to sell the house here in Tennessee and move back to the Greater Cincinnati area, I saw this as a great opportunity to build the Benchcrafted Shaker Bench and will do so as my first project once we are settled in up north. I have the plans, and the hardware is on order. I intend on keeping my DeWalt 3 head planer for shop use when needed, and some other associated power tools used for home improvements and for the kids to borrow :) Anything else I sell will be some excess hand planes and some wooden planes I don't want, don't use, and don't want to move.           I will post those later.