Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cherry Settee with Hand Woven Seat

This soild cherry settee was built a few years ago and was my first attempt at using hand tools to build furiture. A band saw was used for the legs, everything else by hand. Stock was rough diemensioned using a #40 scraper plane and finished with #5 and #4 smoothing planes. The seat is hand woven from 5/8" wide ash strips. Cherry darkens with age so the applied finish is danish oil.


  1. Hello, I was lookin at building the same seat. Wondering if you had anything as far as a temple for the back legs. also what where your lenghts on the back vertical stretchers??


  2. Nicholas, I built that a very long time ago and I built it following an article in Fine Woodworking #147 by Matthew Teague. It was my first real attempt using handtools.