Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chair Progress - A 6 Pack

After returning from the great Thanksgiving trip, and back to my day job, I was able to hit the shop hard and finish all six chairs up to the point of upholstery. I finished the chairs with 2 coats of General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint. I had not used that product before and I was pleased with the coverage and performance straight from the can. Top coat is General Finishes Hi-Perfomance semi-gloss. We'll deliver the chairs next week and will apply the 2" foam and the fabric my daughter-in-law picks out.
If you don't like mortise and tenon, don't build these chairs :) The are 22 of them per chairs so I cut a total of 132, not counting the ones I screwed up. I think overall the chairs came out well and I will post some photo's of the upholstered chairs after we return from the Christmas trip.


  1. The chairs look great Rick! I'm looking forward to seeing them upholstered. Oh, and nice tool chest in the background!

  2. Thanks Dan, the chairs were a challenge but I enjoyed building them. The tool cabinet was built better than 10 years ago I guess and long before I had that many hand tools. I think I want to build another for hand tools only, then use that one for everything else. So many projects, so little time. Rick