Monday, April 11, 2011

Chair - Repaired

I was ask to duplicate two table leaves for a client, a former co-worker, and when I went by his house to take a look at the table, I saw one of the chairs from the set in his fire wood pile. He said he had tried to glue it, but it continued to break where the bow goes in the seat. Typical of these types of chairs, most of the critical joints were glued with screws, not through tenons.
Cut off ends of back bow and tapered
Holes in top of bow to hold spindles

I drilled through holes across the top of the bow to accept the ends of the spindles, but also to compensate for the fact that now the bow is shorter and needed to go through the seat.

 Drilled the holes careful to keep the original angle of the back. When almost through, I flipped the bow over and drilled through the top to minimize tear out.
Tapered the spindles to allow the bow to mount properly in the seat. 
Everything glued and assembled. The spindles as well as the bow are wedged to be sure it stays together for quite a long time.


Finished chair with the black touched
up with some General Finishes Black Stain.

The chair is better than new now.

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