Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quilt Display Case

This case was commissioned by a customer who wants to display and protect her keepsake quilts.

The case is 29" wide x 19" deep x 21'H and is constructed of Red Oak and finished with General Finishes Shaker Maple and the New General Finishes Water-based Urethane. If you haven't tried this finish yet I can highly recommend it.
Frame and panel construction (glass on front and both sides, oak ply on the back and bottom). 
The plugs you see on the front are only decorative. 

The beautiful quilts you see in the case for the photos were made by my wife Kathy who is a very accomplished quilter and craftsperson in her own right. 


  1. Rick...very nice indeed. That is a great project and a design I haven't seen before. Good cover on the plugs...we all know that those hide 4" twisted nails : ) .

    Well done and congratulations on a wonderful project.


  2. Looks great!! My mom and sister are headed to the Quilt Show in Paducah this week- might be a good project to get into. I like General Finishes, too.

    Is that your shop??? I saw that several months ago on FineWoodworking.com and thought how neat it was. Too cool!

  3. Thanks Ken, be sure to share this with Elaine, so you can build one as well !!! And those were roofing nails by the way.

    Mark, my wife spent her allotment at the Cincinnati show :) - We live pretty close to Paducah and from what she tells me, they are already moving some of the event away from the Ohio river which is rising rapidly, tell your mom and sister to be safe.

  4. That is a wonderful idea and elegant execution I will certainly put that on my brother's list of things to do!

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  5. Mr. Lasita- I would very much love to have a case just like the one in the picture for my husband! He has quilts that his grandma made and he loves to display them but when they get dusty, we have to clean them carefully so as not to ruin them. This would be so perfect so they can be seen and protected. I would like to know the cost for the case and if its even possible to get one since I live in Pennsylvania. Sincerely Melissa Gilbert Sigel Pennsylvania

  6. Can you tell me what you charge to make a quilt case as shown here?