Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cherry and Maple Nightstands Complete

Completed the second of two nightstands for our bedroom. This project has been on the list for longer than I can remember so I am getting closer to finishing the bedroom furniture. The cabinet sides, top, and door frame are solid cherry. The sub top, divider, and bottom panels are Baltic birch edged with 1/4" cherry strips. The hand cut dovetails are still a challenge for me but I am getting better, practice makes perfect I guess.

There are faster ways to cut tenons but for me none more enjoyable than cutting them by hand. These are the rails for the base. Each leg has 2 mortises that I drill on the drill press and chisel to size.

This is the finished base prior to finishing. The corner blocks add strength and also a way to attach the cabinet.

Edge jointing the cherry to glue up panels for the cabinet with a No.6 which for me is a good size plane for this type of work. The Stanley No.386 attachment works great in keeping things square.

Assembled cabinet with the door installed. The hinges make the door adjustment a breeze.

Another view of the finished nightstand. The finish on the cherry is Tried & True oil, 2 coats, and I add a light coat of wax. The base is finished with General Finishes Black. I wanted a nice contrast between the base and the cabinet.

The next project for the bedroom will be a dresser that matches the style and finish of the nightstands. Need to get this done before it warms up and the golf courses open up :)


  1. Very nice! Love the cherry! I'm going to try shellac with Daley's Pro Fin for my desk .. if I ever finish it.

  2. a very successful piece Mr. Lasita! very straight forward and elegant feel to it. i like the contrasting base finish, and thank you for showing how you constructed the base with the corner gussets. A dresser with the same design pattern in the bedroom will really give the place a nicely "put together" feel.

    tellme if you can: how did you attach the top to the sub-top? It sounded like you used a birch ply substrate that the cherry is attached to?

    THanks again. I found your post on Unpluggedshop's blog roll and am glad you're registered there.

    -Adam of Oakland, CA

  3. Thanks Marilyn, I'm sure that desk will be finished soon :) Adam I drilled and countersunk a hole on each corner to accept a wood screw and washer. This keeps the drawer clear of the mounting screws. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Ya man. It is great to see the products from your shop. Congrats on two might fine pieces and on an excellent post.btw...what are those things with handles on them for ; ) ?? WELL DONE!

  5. Thanks Ken, now on to the dresser. I can understand your confusion but those are called SAWS. I realize this is confusing in that there are no cords attached. The power comes from your arm. I'll teach you some day. Congrats on a great show with the decoys.

  6. Very handsome work. I especially like the last photo of the table on your super cool bench. :)

  7. Thanks for the comment Jeff.