Thursday, August 25, 2016

Spice Cabinet Progress- Back At It

After some time off for some travel and a few small projects, finally getting back to the Spice Cabinet shown in some previous posts below). Decided to get on the Line & Berry inlay for the door panel before starting to dovetail the many interior drawers.

The pattern is traced out on the back side of the panel.

Once the pattern is complete, start scribing the lines to accept the stringing.

A little  trial and error here as to how deep the grooves need to be, sneak up on it a few times and it'll come easy after that.

A few different sizes of old dental picks will help clean the scrap trimmings out of the grooves.

The holly stringing needs to be sized before gluing in the grooves. A few passes in this tool does the trick.

Some of the tools used to scribe the lines. I purchased a set made by Lie-Nielsen for this work, I've seen others made these tools, I'm just not that crafty. If you purchase, get the extension for the scribe tool to get to the larger radii.

Finished design on back panel


  1. NICE...glad you found your map to show you the way back to the shop.

    1. Thanks, Glad to be back down there getting this one completed!

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