Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little Fun With Scraps

Found some hard maple, ambrosia maple, and some walnut in the scrap pile and made this Double 9 Domino set for my son and his kids. Each bones is 1"x 2" and is the ambrosia maple, the box is hard maple and assembled with finger joints, and the lid is walnut. No real design or pattern, just let it evolve as I went along.


  1. Rick - Very nice! Many of my favorite projects have just "evolved" - I find it gives them a unique energy and character that over planning often mutes. Are the pips burned into the dominoes?

  2. Dan, thanks, sorry I took a few days to reply, I didn't realize I had a comment, don't think this blog is viewed as much as yours :) The pips are painted, I set my drill press to depth, and used a artist brush to drop black paint in. Much later on I saw where Rockler offers a template for drilling the pips, but that's cheating :)) Thanks for the comment